Learn from leading Cardiologists!

Master the European Exam in Core Cardiology (EECC) using concepts with up-to-date material designed by cardiologists for cardiologists

  • 250+ question repository with detailed explanations, tailored to the EECC format
  • Our continuously updated question bank is rigorously evaluated to ensure compliance with the latest guidelines in cardiology
  • From basic sciences to interventional cardiology – we have all chambers covered


We are a UK-based joint venture of doctors coming together to create an expansive, well-balanced, and up-to-date study resource for the EECC.

The material is applicable to trainees to demonstrate core competencies in cardiology, from Europe and across the world.

We offer questions designed by experienced cardiologists who are medical educators providing a one-stop-shop for potential EECC candidates.

Our interactive and intuitive interface makes prepping for the exam EECC-peasy – we offer a ‘timed exam simulation’ format or a self-paced ‘tutor mode’. Through the ‘performance tracking’ feature, you can compare your performance against your peers.

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Why US

Glad you asked. Here’s why IntelligentEECC.com is the preferred choice for EECC prep –

  • Our interface simulates the real exam settings (including timed tests) – this way you can acclimatise and pace yourself to the actual exam flow and format.
  • We thoroughly screen and continuously evaluate question banks to ensure the highest levels of fidelity and compliance with the latest guidelines.
  • Includes a wide range of cases with medical images and cine videos to improve your clinical accumen.
  • Every question provides key learning points, as well as detailed explanations in tutor mode with additional links to in-depth material such as journal articles and latest guidelines.
  • The interface leverages evidence-based tools for active learning and retention improvement. After Identifying knowledge gaps, add bookmarks and notes, and use spaced repetition for reinforcement.
  • Performance can be tracked and objectively measured, ranking you amongst peers.
  • Get access to exclusive live peer-to-peer discussion groups and ‘Q&A’ with faculty members.
  • Access materials anywhere, anytime through the website, or, using our Android and iOS Apps.

Why Choose us

1. Interactive and Intuitive: Easy-to-use web-based format means you can navigate easily and dive into prep mode with a few easy clicks.

2. Practice makes permanent: Intelligent algorithms to identify priority areas, blended with best-in-class revision tools.

3. Expansive, Exhaustive, evaluated: Materials tuned to the latest EECC curriculum and regularly, rigorously tested for quality and accuracy

4. Learn on the Go: Convenience meets quality. E-learning Apps going live soon!

5. Peer Community: 24X7 discussion groups for immersive learning

6. Convenient Payment Plans: Affordable payment plans to learn from the best

Our Expert Team

Anwar Chahal

Co-Founder and Educator

Retesh Bajaj


Rohin Vinayak

Project Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many questions will I get access to?

At present, we have 350+ high yield questions based on previous examinations and continue to build the Qbank.

2. How do I reach out for queries?

We are available via social media, website form, and email Click Here

3. How long does the subscription last?

Choose a plan that suits you from annual to monthly.

4. Do you have a refund policy?

Yes, we honor full refunds within 2 weeks of plan activation.

Download the App

Study on the go! iOS and Android apps going live soon.

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